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Authoring The Dvd By Yourself

Be it an amateur film maker or a parent with a home video, any person who wants to transfer the video images to DVD and then make several copies of it will need to know how to do DVD duplication as well as DVD authorizing.

Amateur film makers who are entering their film into a competition should approach a DVD menu authoring California service for the task. The DVD duplication service will ensure that the DVD is edited properly and that the menus are easy to navigate.

An advantage of using one of the DVD authoring services California is that most of these services also provide the services of DVD printing and packaging. This way the amateur film maker can be assured of pleasing graphics on the DVD.

There are three stages to DVD authoring that are followed at all the DVD menu authoring California services. DVD authoring is the process of adding a title screen, chapter markers, and other assorted features that the amateur film maker chooses to add to the DVD.

Once the DVDs have been authored the contents of the DVD will be replicated onto multiple discs. Most DVD authoring services in California also do DVD replication. Therefore the amateur filmmaker does not have to look for another service. The advantage of using DVD replication over DVD duplication to the authored disc is that changes can be made to the soundtrack just before the replication process.

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