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CD DVD Replication and Duplication

DVD Replication and Duplication, CD Replication and Duplication
VE Associates offers a full range of CD Replication and DVD Replication services provided by top experts in the field. With 20 years of experience in both CD discs and DVD discs, the experts at VE Associates will start by helping you design your CD artwork or DVD artwork and multimedia presentation.  As a full service CD and DVD replication and duplication company our services include: graphic design, disc authoring, pre-mastering and verification, CD mastering,  DVD mastering, CD-R / DVD-R burning, disc imprinting, CD packaging and DVD packaging and fulfillment. Although we specialize in large run DVD replication and large run CD replication, we can also provide CD duplication and DVD duplication for smaller volume orders.

Our DVD Mastering is done in-house
to speed up the process.
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VE Associates is located in the city of Irvine in Southern California (just south of Los Angeles). Founded shortly after the invention of CD-R discs, we have helped clients from both the California area and nationwide create captivating projects. We have run disc replication projects for large corporations like Mercedes Benz as well as many smaller clients. Click on a link below to learn more or call us at 877-474-7277!


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