CD Printing

An important component of CD duplication is the CD printing involved.  There are many methods of CD printing options that a person can choose from.  Some of these methods include disc imprinting, silkscreen printing, or offset printing.  Each method of CD printing has its advantages, and choosing which method will work best will depend on the person’s needs and budget.

Many people prefer to use silkscreen printing for small replication orders.  With this method, films are created with the image; each film being another color.  The CD goes through, and each film acts as a stencil, allowing the color to be added.  There are many ways that this CD Printing process can be efficient.  For larger orders, the same process is done which is called disc imprinting. 

Offset printing is a more complex process of CD printing, but the quality is very high.  The image being copied is first copied from a plate to a rubber stamp, and then onto the disc.  The benefit of this process is that it produces a consistent high quality product.  The rubber stamps used in offset printing contour to the shape of the CD, which makes for a clear and vivid color.  This process is very quick, and efficient.  While it might be somewhat more expensive, it will be the best option for larger orders.

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