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In our 20+ years in business, we have found the best blank media companies in the world. Choose from top CD-R disc companies like Verbatim, Spin-X, Taiyo Yuden and Ridata for quality, performance, and reliability. VE Associates carries the very best in CD/CDR blank media. When we provide our industry leading CD duplication services, we know that our work is only as good as the blank CD discs they are printed on. Stop in to our office in Irvine, California or contact us for shipping quote. Blank CDR and DVD-R discs can also be ordered easily by calling us toll free at 877-474-7277.

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 Verbatim Discs from VE Associates
Verbatim is recognized as one of the top CDR disc makers in the world. For 30 years, Verbatim made some of the highest quality and most reliable blank CD R media.

 TDK Discs from VE Associates
TDK has a long history as a top Japanese electronics company which has led them to make reliable recordable media that people trust. Only TDK DVD-R and CD-R discs incorporate exclusive developments like the ISOPURE recording dye and Relex Mirror Tuning.

MAMA Discs from VE Associates
Mam-a (formerly Mitsui), based in Colorado, makes high quality recordable media products including CDR and CD-R discs. They hold a worldside patent on one of the key components involved in the recordable disc manufacturing process.

RiDATA Discs from VE Associates
RIDATA recordable CD discs are created with the latest CD manufacturing technology. CDR discs are made with durable organic dye recording layer materials to guarantee reliable recording and playback. High recording capacity, high data transfer rates, and long term reliability make RIDATA a great choice for CDR recording.

Taiyo Yuden Discs from VE Associates
In 1988, Taiyo Yuden made the first CD-R recordable disc. Since then, this Japanese company, has continued to lead the DVD-R / CD-R industry with innovation and quality. Taiyo Yuden has developed scratch resistant surfaces for CD-R discs.

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