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CD Replication

Professional Quality CD Replication Services

VE Associates is California’s leader in comprehensive CD replication services with over 20 years of experience as a full service DVD and CD replication company. VE employs advanced replication technology, sophisticated quality control and high-speed automated assembly of even the most complicated CD replication project. All CD discs are inspected for defects and replicated bit-for-bit to assure your satisfaction. We are the choice of top tier corporate clients like Mazda and Mercedes-Benz for all their DVD and CD replication needs because we know how to get replication right, the first time!

CD Replication is a less expensive than CD duplication for orders of less than 500 CD R discs. We specialize in prompt turn around on large run CD replication projects while maintaining quality, communication, and complete fulfillment. As a complement to our quality CD replication services, we offer CD graphic design, CD authoring, CD mastering, as well as CD packaging options from paper sleeves to retail ready packaging. Shipments sent from our offices in southern California can be tracked to assure the fulfillment of your order.


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Employing advanced replication technology, sophisticated quality control equipment and high-speed automated assembly, VE Associates delivers top-quality CDs in large volume. Our proven customer service and exceptionally economic pricing has made VE Associates the choice of large corporations and small business owners for nearly twenty years.

Many replicators will stamp the master you deliver without first checking it for potential problems. At VE Associates, we scan your incoming CD-R for viruses, ISO 9660 format violations, invalid lead-in and post gap problems. And we repair them before you go to press.

We are your turnkey solution for the most efficiently produced and packaged CD Replication services available in the marketplace today.

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