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Choosing The Right DVD Replication Service

Choosing a DVD replication service is very similar to choosing a new music system. The price of the DVD replication service can range from less than 100 dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the number of discs that need to be replicated as well as the service provider. There are a number of DVD replication services in the Irvine region. Some of these companies specialize in DVD replication services for corporate clients while others specialize in audio CD replication. Individuals need to choose the company carefully depending on the service that they are looking for.

Individuals as well as corporate organizations need to speak to representatives at the different DVD replication Irvine services to find out their costs and services. Some of the companies may have some hidden costs and individuals need to look out for these.

Corporate organizations who want some value additions such as CD printing and packaging need to look for a company that offer these services as well. There are a number of CD replication companies in the Irvine area that have on their team a graphic artist who can create a wonderful image for the disc and cover.

Sometimes the CD replication company may charge based on the number of colors used in the art work. For full-color printing there are five colors; each color for CMYK and the white background. In such cases, individuals with a limited budget should be careful about their designs.

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