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Choosing The Right Dvd Format

Even before a corporate organization approaches a DVD duplication company Los Angeles, the corporate organization needs to decide on the format that is going to be used.

The DVD format was first developed by Pioneer and appeared in the market in 1997. Since that, several formats and sizes of blank DVD media have been developed. At most of the DVD duplication services Los Angeles the corporate organization can pick their format of blank DVD.

Every DVD duplication company will offer corporate organizations a choice of two DVD formats- DVD-R Authoring and the DVD-R General format. The blank DVD-R format was developed as a write-once media for video applications. This format is available in two speeds.

The DVD-R General format, normally referred to as just DVD-R, was created in 2001.This is a re-recordable disc and not a re-writable disc. The size and capacity of blank DVDs also vary and therefore corporate organizations need to carefully choose those that fit their needs.

When it comes to copying the contents of the disc, corporate organizations need to choose between short run DVD duplication and long run DVD replication. DVD duplication is recommended when less than 500 copies of the disc need to be made.

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