Custom Tape Loads for specific Applications

Custom Tape Loads for Specific Applications

Video Duplication and Replication - Custom Tape Loads for Specific Applications
Because of our streamlined operations, our Video Duplication Services provide the best presentation for your needs while keeping costs low. We specialize in assessing your needs to deliver the best quality. We offer a variety of service levels depending on how many times the tape will be viewed. Whether you have a promotional tape that will only be seen once or a training tape that will be viewed hundreds of times, VE Associates will deliver the appropriate quality level for your needs. Custom loaded tapes that meet your exact specifications translate to less waste, weight, and cost. We also provide a variety of video formats to make sure project is successful. 
At VE Associates, we operate some of the most advanced optical disc replicators in the world. We have invested in top quality video duplication equipment over the years to assure that we have enough machines to guarantee quick turn around. Our factory, located in Irvine California, has over 1,000 video tape duplication decks operating in a clean environment to assure consistent quality. We also run 10 Sony Sprinters that can imprint video tape at amazing speeds. A Sony 800 Series Sprinter can imprint tape at the blazing speed of 14.2 feet per second. With all of our machines humming, we can assure even the very largest projects very fast production time. VE Associates has been recommended for years as a leader in the duplication and replication industry. Our quick turn-around and attention to detail make us the ideal choice for your next video duplication project.

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Customers have been raving about our Video Duplication Services for over 20 years. All video tapes are loaded in a certified Class 100 clean room to eliminate damaging, airborne dust particles.

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