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DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring Services
The Multimedia development and professional DVD Authoring services provided by VE Associates are backed with years of experience and an expert staff. Our professional DVD authoring services, combined with unbeatable DVD replication pricing, assure that your DVD project will come in on time, on budget and be of impeccable quality. We are an industry leader in DVD Menu Design, DVD Color Correction and Video Post Production. Our creative staff can also help you pull together all of your ideas and materials into a superb final product.
Although there are many DVD authoring software choices available, we are still your best choice for DVD authoring. There can be a steep learning curve to master the art of DVD menu creation. VE Associates can save you time and money because we can get it done quickly and right based on years of professional experience. We have been doing DVD replication and authoring since the medium was first introduced. We use professional Component-based encoding systems, providing the highest-quality encode from your BetacamSP or DV master. We can also perform encoding on additional analog formats such as VHS, S-VHS and 8/Hi8mm.


Our DVD Authoring and Mastering is done in-house
to speed up the process.
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VE's DVD Authoring services include:
Digital Capture from your master
MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 Video compression
Audio compression
DVD programming/scripting
Menu and navigation design and production
CSS (Content Scrambling System)
Macrovision Ripguard - (for more info, Click Here!)
Formatting to DLT tapes
Final mastering and replication

Custom Authored DVDs can be used as:
Feature Film & Direct-to-Video releases
Training/Educational Programs
Customizable Sales Presentations
Trade Shows & Professional Conferences
Direct-to-Consumer Premium Advertising
Business-to-Business Communications


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