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VE Associates in now proud to add Blu-ray DVD authoring services to the list of professional services offered to our customers. With our expert experienced in high definition Blu-ray encoding and Blu-ray menu design, VE can walk you through each step of the process of Bluray authoring and you can rest assured that your Blu-ray DVD will be authored professionally and delivered with the very best in audio and video quality standards that you've come to expect from the world of high definition.

How does it work?
Blu-ray disc authoring is the latest in high-definition technology. Blu-ray gets its name from the blue laser it uses to write and read the disc. This "blue ray" laser technique allows for significantly more data to be transerferred onto a disc and Blu-ray DVD player than a tradional red laser DVD disc and traditional DVD player. A single layer disc (BD-25) can hold up to 25 gigabytes of information while a double layer disc (BD-50) is capable of holding up to 50 gigabytes of information and allows for higher data rate throughput

VE Associates can assist you through the entire Blu-ray authoring process
from menu design to encoding
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Why choose Blu-ray DVD Authoring?
If you need lots of storage capacity for your high definition content, the option to author a Blu-ray disc is the best way to go. Blu-ray is becoming more mainstream in modern media with many stores now offering Blu-ray players as the only high definition DVD player option. Additionally, major production studios now release movies on Blu-ray DVDs; it is truly the wave of the future and Blu-ray is here to stay.

Call us to get a quote about our Bluray authoring services and be sure to utilize our Blu-ray replication services once your high-definition Blu-ray DVD is authored to license, replicate, package and distribute your content.

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