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Professional High Quality DVD Blu-Ray Replication Services

VE Associates now offers complete Blu-ray disc replication services. Blu-ray technology is the most advanced optical disc technology available. Our account representatives can answer any questions you may have regarding Blu-ray disc authoring, mastering, licensing and replication. VE Associates ensures that your project meets all of the new standards that Blu-ray disc replication offers and that your project is delivered with the highest video quality, design and packaging, and that it's completed on time.

Blu-ray replication is an incredible technology that allows you to make an exact copy from a glass-master. Bluray replication will offer you a lower cost-per-unit for high-volume projects, while maintaining the highest level of quality. If you have a lot of information to distribute, or need the very best high-definition quality available, Blu-ray copies are a great way to go to distribute your media. 

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Bluray replication and duplication will allow you to store up to 25 gigabytes on a single-sided disc and 50 gigabytes on a double-sided disc. This is five times more than a traditional DVD will hold. The storage capacity is simply incredible and using Blu-ray replication can ensure your video content can be presented most professional and highest quality standards offered anywhere.

All Blu-ray replication projects require a license with AACS by both VE Associates (the replicator) and the content owner.  The content owner will need to get a license, and will be issued a 4-digit ID number which they will pass along to VE. VE Associates as your replicator will need to have this ID number to submit key orders for encryption on the owner's behalf. VE Associates employs a rigorous quality control system, and we also have a friendly and qualified customer service staff that can guide you through this process. We want you to feel confident about the decision you make and welcome your phone calls and questions. We look forward to serving you and helping you produce and replicate your own high-quality Blu-ray discs.

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