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DVD Mastering, Glass Mastering and DVD Replication

The expert technicians at VE Associates have years of experience with DVD Mastering, CD Mastering and CD DVD Glass Mastering. DVD replication services are provided with Free DVD Mastering to make sure your project comes off without a hitch.

Glass mastering is the most crucial and complicated part of DVD replication, requiring technology and skill. Our specialists have years of DVD Mastering experience and can assure an accurate result for your DVD replication project. Glass mastering is the first stage needed to create a stamper from the source DVD data and comprises the following stages:

Glass Master Preparation ready for laser beam recording
Laser Beam Recording from the source DVD or DLT
Development & Metallisation ready for electroforming
Electroforming making the stampers from the glass master
Stamper Finishing polishing and punching the stamper

Glass Master Preparation of the 240 cm diameter 6mm thick glass master starts by stripping the old photo resist from its surface (since Master Surface Analyzer the glass blanks can be recycled). The initial preparation is followed by cleaning and final washing using de-ionized water. The blank glass master is then dried carefully ready for the Glass Mastering. In the next stage, the surface of the clean glass master is coated with a primer and then a photo resist layer 140 to 150 microns thick by spin coating. The thickness should be matched to the molding cycle time. Shorter cycle times imply a thicker resist layer to ensure good pit geometry. The uniformity of the layer is measured with an infra red laser.

DVD Mastering and CD Mastering are very complex processes carried out in a class 1,000 clean room. Operators wear special clothing including face masks and footwear to minimize particles that could affect the quality of DVD stampers and therefore of pressed DVD discs. There are differences when mastering DVD discs compared with CDs, mainly due to the smaller geometries and tighter specifications. The photo resist coated glass master is then baked at about 80º C for 30 minutes. This hardens the photo resist layer ready for exposing by laser light. Source data is imputed to a laser beam recorder (LBR) that records information onto the surface of a glass master. The glass masters are then used to make stamper molds for DVD injection-molding lines.

Our DVD Mastering is done in-house
to speed up the process.
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Input media by DVD type

(single sided single layered)
DLT (digital linear tape), DVD-R, unencrypted replicated DVD-5

DVD-9 (single sided dual layered)
Set of 2 DLTs or unencrypted replicated DVD-9

DVD-10 (double sided single layered)
Set of 2 DLTs, Set of 2 DVD-Rs or unencrypted replicated DVD-10

HD-DVD-15 (single layered 15GB)
HD-DVD-30 (dual layered 30GB)

80MM (Mini) Disc DVD's & HD-DVD's

Dual Layered CD/DVD (CD on one side, and a DVD-5 on the other!)

We are a licensed reseller for Macrovision Ripguard - DVD Encryption.
For more information on Macrovision Ripguard, Click Here!

For CSS (Content Scrambling System), copy protection and/or region coding DLTs are required.

If you provide a fully authored master we can accept:
DLT III, DLT III XT and DLT IV (required for CSS encryption).
DVD-R General Grade.
DVD-R Authoring Grade.
Replicated DVD disc without CSS encryption.

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