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Disc Imprinting Services by VE Associates

The look of CD discs or DVD discs is crucial to the success of a CD or DVD replication or duplication project. We offer a full line of disc printing and imprinting services as well as custom packaging. The replication technology used by VE Associates allows for printing directly onto the face of any CD or DVD by utilizing two different methods; Silk-Screen & Photo-Offset
Silk Screen : A screen is prepared by exposing a film to a screen covered in a layer of light-sensitive emulsion and, after processing, the resulting image is a clear area on the screen which allows the ink through. Most CDs & DVDs are screen printed, and very high-quality results are obtained. However, due to the fact that screens are slightly coarser than litho plates, Screen printing is generally not suitable where the reproduction of a picture or photo or a design with tinting and shading is required.
Photo Offset : Used when the reproduction of a picture, photo, or a design with tinting and shading is needed on the face of a CD or DVD. A commonly used printing process in which printing plates are prepared (usually from films); there are as many plates as there are colors to be printed - usually 4,5 or 6). Each plate picks up ink from a roller, and lays down its color image on the printed object.

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The Graphic Design experts at VE Associates can create custom artwork to match your needs. We can also work with your existing artwork and graphic files or assist you in editing custom artwork for best presentation on your CD and DVD discs. VE's prepress department accepts electronic files in the latest versions of the following graphics programs:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat

Our smudge-free disc imprinting services will make sure the look of your CD or DVD will be true to your vision. Give us a call today about your next disc printing project and for pricing! 1-877-474-7277!

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