Eco-Friendly DVD and CD Packaging Products

VE is "Going Green" and now offering Eco-Friendly DVD & CD packaging options!
In an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the best eco-friendly DVD & CD packaging solutions, VE is "Going Green" offering 100% biodegradable packaging options that include soy based inks & recycled stock for our different eco-wallets; reducing emissions released into our environment by over 90% (compared to standard retail plastic packaging options.)
VE Associates is doing our part. Using 100% plastics, VE offers several Eco-friendly DVD & CD packaging solutions including eco-friendly CD & DVD digipaks such as: DVStar™, DiscBookLite™ & E-Pack™.
"Made with soybeans, soy inks use 50% less energy to make in comparison to petroleum-based inks. This makes it easier to recycle paper stock. Soy ink is a great option for printing CD and DVD booklets/traycards, cardboard sleeves/wallets and trademark digipaks."
VE Associates, located in Irvine, California, offers a variety of Eco-Friendly DVD packaging and printing services to save you time and money; while helping in the ongoing effort to create more ecologically responsible manufacturing. Call VE today to learn more about our many eco-friendly packaging solutions!

GO GREEN with your next project and let VE help you with the packaging solution that's right for you!! Call us today 1-877-474-7277 or click here to...

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