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Frequently Asked Questions - Project Planning | Order Information

What do I need to send in with my order?
Please include the following with each order:
PO or Signed Quote to order
Artwork Disc (if not uploaded)
IPR Form
Payment Information
Ship To/Bill To info.
I am looking to re-order a job that was originally pressed somewhere else. Can you use a replicated piece from the original pressing as the master?
We sure can. Replicated pieces from previous runs are fine for production masters. The information is digital, so there will be no quality loss. However if your DVD has CSS, we can still replicate from the replicated disc but would not be able to add CSS back on to it.
What’s your minimum quantity, I want 300 discs so what are my options?
Our replication services minimums are 1000 for DVDs, and 500 for CDs. It may make sense to add a few extra to your quantity just in case you need them later, and to keep the discs cheaper per unit. If it’s less than 1,000 discs or you need them in a hurry, then look into our CD-R/DVD-R duplication services.
My content is over 650MB, will this work?
A standard CD-ROM has capacity of 650 mb of data or 74 minutes of audio.
Please notify us if CD has slightly more content.
When will the artwork be ready?
We can supply guidelines/templates for you to work with or we can create a design from your elements. PDF proofs will always be sent to you for sign off for text and placement only. If color matching is of concern, we can provide a digital dot proof for an additional cost.  Day Zero begins after written approvals of all pdfs/color proofs.
Which type of disc imprint is best for my project?
We can help you figure this out by asking a few questions. Who are your discs intended for? You may want something bold and eye-catching, a corporate design or just something functional. We can produce simple one color text through to complex, full color designs. Call us for advice on the best, most cost effective method to achieve your aims.
I do not know how to package my discs, can you help me?
We supply a full range of CD packaging and DVD packaging options and can provide guidance for what is appropriate and cost effective for your specific project.
I need the discs in a hurry... how fast can you do them?
We  specialize in fast turn arounds. Please call and discuss your specific project and time constraints with one of our sales representatives and we will give you a schedule that you can rely on.
What types of masters do you accept?
CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DUAL LAYERED DVD, DLT (digital linear tape), CD & DVD
Can you ship out a large number of units to a list we provide?
Absolutely, you can provide us a flat-file or MS Excel list, and we will ship worldwide. We also have cardboard mailer sleeves we can offset print for these types of jobs.
What is Stamper ID?
Stamper ID is the only distinguishable identification for metal stamper, this is because the physical look of metal stampers are the same. If we do not place the disc on a plastic injection moulding machine, there is no way can identify the content of the metal stamper. Thus, for easy identification, we normally would request our clients to provide related identification wordings to be put on the metal stamper. Alternatively, we can provide these wordings based on product name or version serial numbers. On a processed disc, there would be a display of the stamper ID on the inner ring of the disc. This would also help us in identifying pre-processed disc just by looking at it's exterior.
I have a small correction I'd like to make to my artwork. Can you take care of that?
VE is more than happy to take care of small changes to your artwork before proofs are made. If we have all the materials we need to do so, there will be no additional charge for modifications of this nature. We're here to help.
What Do I need to know about my PDF proofs?
Be sure to check over your proofs carefully. Look for any issues with fonts, placement, bleeds and safeties, missing images, color, etc. These files were generated directly from your files, but your careful consideration in reviewing them is needed to make sure no problems occurred.
After your approval, these files will go to print. VE cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions not brought to our attention during the proofing stage. Any customer alterations resulting from errors and omissions from original customer files may incur additional design time charges.
Due to variations in home computer monitor settings, color PDF proofs may not represent colors exactly. If you wish, you may request a printed color proof, which will more accurately display final printed colors. Contact your customer representative for pricing.
Delays in furnishing approval will result in delays in your order.
I really need my CDs by a certain date, but I am ordering on a standard turn, can you help?
Yes we can. If you are ordering on a standard turn, and are hoping to get your CDs by a certain date, let us know, and we'll do everything we can to get them to you by your date. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but we're here to help and will do our best.
What is an IPR Form (Intellectual Property Rights Form)?
IPR stands for Intellectual Property Rights.
Due to special laws governing large quantity audio duplication/replication requests, it is necessary that the IPR be completed in it's entirety in order for us to produce your requested order.
What if I am not the Intellectual Property Rights owner?
If you are not the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) owner, a letter from the IPR owner is required. This letter should demonstrate that you indeed have the right to press the material. This letter is commonly referred to as a Grant of Rights Letter.
What is your standard turn time on CDs and DVDs?
Our standard turntime is around 10-12days from approval of PDF proofs based on quantity. Proofs are generally e-mailed within 1-2 days of receipt of order and workable art files. VE makes absolutely every effort to complete our standard turntime jobs as quickly as possible. If you require your job to arrive on a specific date, we strongly recommend upgrading your order to a rush turn, which guarantees product shipment within 5-7 business days or sooner from approval of PDF proofs.
Can you split a shipment up to be drop shipped to different locations?
Yes we can. Please notify your Sales Representaive with all specifics.
Should I get my art files to you before the master if I want my job be completed more quickly?
Yes you should. Supplying a completed order form, payment, and artwork prior to supplying a CD or DVD master will often shorten turntime.
What forms of payment do you take?
Money Orders, Personal Checks, Business Checks, Certified Checks. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cash.
What sort of deposit is required?
If no credit terms have been established, we may require a deposit in the amount of 50%  of your estimated total, not including overrun or shipping.
When is the balance due?
Unless you have established credit, on the estimated ship date, we will charge your credit card or bank account for the remaining balance including estimated shipping and overrun.
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