FTP Information

For your convenience, VE Associates can create for you your own password protected folder on our FTP site to upload your artwork files to us. Simply contact us by phone 1-877-474-7277 or by email info@veassociates.com to have your login/password information for your folder sent directly to you. We can also assist with any technical issues you may have while attempting to send us your artwork.

Our FTP site is accessible through any browser window. Once logged in, you will be able to drag your compressed artwork files into the blank browser window which is the root level of your folder. (If on a Mac, use an FTP client application such as Fetch, Transmit, Dreamweaver, etc.)

Please compress your artwork files (.sit, .sitx or .zip) before uploading as this saves us both uploading/downloading time and decreases the chances of the files becoming corrupt.

Please contact us to let us know when all artwork is finished uploading so we know to grab it.

Our FTP site is an efficient, time and money saving service we offer to help streamline the process of getting your oder finished and out on time!

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