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Flash Drive Duplication !NEW!

Compact Flash Duplication & Flash Replication
Jump drive/USB flash drive duplication is a new service that VE Associates is proud to offer. USB flash drives, also referred to as jump drives or even thumb drives, are convenient and compact mini storage hard-drive devices that are ideal for music and MP3 storage, multimedia presentations, marketing distribution, promotional giveaways, corporate gifts, direct mail campaigns, software distribution, entertainment distribution, along with many other uses.
VE Associates is now offering mass duplication of your data onto these custom USB flash drives. We can duplicate compact flash  in a wide range of available storage sizes from 64 megabytes  to 4 gigabyte drives.
If you have a small amount of data to distribute, a compact flash drive is one of the most cost effective ways to do it. Because everyone has a USB drive on their computer, mass distributing data on a flash drive allows easy and instant access for recipients of the flash memory duplication. Whether you need to distribute corporate information and documents for a company training or want to hand out samples of your music, mass producing flash drives is a great way to go.


With our experienced staff and excellent customer service, VE is the right choice to manage your next USB flash duplication project beginning to delivery!...
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Want to learn more about how to duplicate USB flash technology for mass distribution? Give us a call to learn more or request a quote online from VE associates.
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