From CD and DVD replication to CD and DVD packaging fulfillment


From CD and DVD replication to DVD packaging fulfillment
For the past two decades, VE Associates has performed assembly and fulfillment for many companies, large and small. Our modern, west coast facility contains multiple hand assembly lines and over 60,000 square feet solely dedicate to performing any sized assembly and fulfillment project. From a large run DVD replication project, to the most complex direct marketing campaign, a full-scale outbound venture or CD replication fulfillment on demand, VE Associates has performed it with great success and efficiency, while providing our clients with significant cost savings due to our one-stop-shop services.

Package Assembling – VE’s DVD packaging fulfillment offers the capabilities to assemble and collate hundreds of thousands of materials per day. This includes assembling products and then sorting and inserting advertising, collateral, booklets and inlays, warranty cards, premiums and other materials within video sleeves or clam shells as well as inside CD and DVD packages.

Point-of-Purchase Display (P.O.P) Assembling - VE Associates has the ability to take products and put them directly into P.O.P displays.

On-Time, Cost-Effective Delivery - VE Associates is a leader in the industry at on-time deliveries with a near perfect delivery rate for orders with lead times of as little as 48 hours.

Custom Pick, Pack & Ship Order Management & Turnaround - VE Associates has the ability to pick single or multiple units from inventory, carton them, generate and apply packing slips and shipping labels, and then load and ship the project - usually in the same day. From a large run DVD replication to a large run CD replication project. We utilize every major carrier in the business including Fed-EX, UPS, Airborne, & the US Postal Service.

Customer Order Tracking - VE can track orders by customer, distribution point, service level, carrier and so on. This enables clients to check the status of orders at any time in the distribution process and helps ensure secure, timely and error-free delivery of products.

Large Order Turnaround & Freight Management - Every day, VE Associates processes and ships over 5,000 orders, each of which ranges from one to a million units or more. VE also provides complete freight management, including LTL and FTL trucking, national and international air freight, and rail.


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