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Getting The Burn Process Right

CD duplication and printing is a fairly easy process provided that an individual has the necessary CD burning software. Once the required software is in place, CD duplication is as simple as pressing the "burn" button on the software.

Although CD duplication is an easy process, there are some tips that individuals need to follow in order to ensure quality of CD duplication. The first thing that an individual needs to ensure high quality audio CD duplication is good quality blank CD media.

The single most common reason that CD duplication does not go through properly or appears broken is because the blank CD had some scratch on its surface. An individual needs to examine every blank CD media before using it for CD duplication. As blank CDs are relatively inexpensive, individuals should not worry if they lose a disc or two because of flaws in the media format. There are several qualified brands that offer excellent results, such as Verbatim.

To ensure quality CD duplication, an individual also needs to make sure to keep all the music files together in one target area. This makes it easier for the software to find the files and to quickly send them over to the burner.

Another tip to ensure high quality audio CD duplication is to defragment before commencing the burn process. This is to prevent the software used in CD duplication from having any trouble in finding files from different locations and transferring them soon enough.

CD duplication at home is good only for limited copies of discs. To make copies of discs on a large scale, individuals should either opt for CD replication or should approach a CD duplication service.

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