How to Make Copies of your Video Tapes

How to Make Copies of your Video Tapes

Video duplication services can be very useful if you would like to make a copy of a video tape. The easiest way to duplicate a video tape is to pay somebody to do it for you, as you can find numerous companies that can do this for you and the cost are relatively small to what you might have expected.

If you don't know anybody that does this, you can go online and search on the internet for somebody that does this. However you don't have to search for somebody that is near your residence. Most of the ones that deal with video duplication services will be happy if you ship a tape to their office and they will send it back along with the copy. These video duplication firms can make an unlimited number of copies to your tape and probably will make you a discount if you have many copies to do.

However, you are not obliged to use these firms to make a copy to your tape. You can do it yourself if you have a VCR and a high quality blank tape. You will need to have the blank tape in the best condition possible, because by copying a tape you will lose some of the quality of the original tape, and you don't want to waste any more. You need to keep as much of the original quality as possible. The disadvantage of this procedure is that you will have to wait the length of the actual tape for the copy to be ready, as it is copied in real time.

There is another option for you if you want a video duplication of a preexisting video tape. You can transfer the video into DVD format. This is a wise thing to do, because if you transfer the video tape into DVD format, you will save some precious space in your home, all of us knowing that a DVD is much smaller than a video tape. The quality of the footage will not suffer very much and you will probably not notice the difference between the copy and the original. There are many programs and softwares than can do the job for you. If you decide to transfer the video tape into DVD format, then you should buy some software that will allow you to make as many video duplicates you want for free, except of course the cost of the blank DVDs. This way you can turn all your video tapes into DVDs. These softwares you buy allow you to modify the video how you like. For example if the video is a homemade one, you can erase some of the parts you don't like, you may rotate frames, you may edit the video how you like and how you feel like and make the video more interesting and more fun to watch it along with your family and friends.

Using the software you bought, video duplication is very easy. You can turn the video into any other format you like. Also, if you don't like doing video duplication, you can also go to a specialized firm that will do these things for you, but they will charge you for every copy you desire. This procedure is more expensive than the one you do by yourself and the ones that offer video duplication services won't make you any discounts. The firms that duplicate your video will charge you depending on the number of copies that you want and on the length of the master video you wish to duplicate. The best thing about the firms that duplicate your video is that you don't have to do anything except of paying and waiting for your copies to be ready.

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