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Improving The Quality Of Print

Almost every music artist these days has a creative package for the compact disc. In fact in many cases it is attractive CD printing that draws people to the disc.

Music artists or corporate organizations in the Irvine area who want unique CD or DVD case printing on their discs should approach a CD replication service in Irvine. Most professional CD replication companies offer three basic printing choices: silk screening, offset printing and lithographic printing.

Silkscreen printing is the most popular CD printing technology that is used by corporate organization and music artists. The advantage of silkscreen printing is that unique graphic elements and large number of details can be printed onto the disc.

The technique used for silkscreen printing is the same as that used for silk screening images onto a T-shirt or posters. This CD printing technology consists of a thick layer of ink poured onto a stencil. The excess ink is scraped off while the remaining ink is forced through the holes of the stencil to create an image on the surface of the compact disc.

The advantage of approaching CD printing services for the job is that the final product bears a more professional look. As most CD printing services employ a graphic artist to crate the elements and do the printing, the work is unique and of very high quality.

However, individuals need to make sure that they work with the graphic artist at a CD printing service every inch of the way. Otherwise, they may end up with a product that they are not too happy with.

Individuals or groups who employ the services of a CD replication service in Irvine also need to decide on whether the CD cover should have a UPS barcode so that it can easily be posted.

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