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Opting For Cd Replication Instead Of Cd Duplication

The terms audio CD duplication and audio CD replication are often used interchangeably. However, the processes involved in them are very different and the end results that they produce are also different.

The process of audio CD replication is complicated. Although these days there is software that allows individual's to replicate a CD at home the work is best left to professionals.

In the case of audio CD replication there is no information to start with in the first place. All the work is compiled at the studios of music CD replication Los Angeles services. The first step to CD replication is creating a glass master of the work. Then the information contained on the glass master is painstakingly evaluated for data corruption. CD replication of good quality occurs only when the glass master and the blank CDs on which the information is copied is flawless.

Most CD replication services in Los Angeles will also employ the services of a mixing engineer. A lot of people think that the job of the mixing engineer is to add sound and increase the volume of the music, however, the job of a mixing engineer is a lot more in depth. Mixing engineers can help improve the quality of the music and can also provide positive feedback to the music group. Mixing engineers spend their days in recording studios so they are very familiar with different sounds and different approaches artists need to make.

CD duplication on the other hand is the process of transferring the information onto multiple compact discs. No sound effects or changes can be made to the original during the process of CD duplication.

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