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VE Associates is surely becomming the first choice for DVD replication and CD replication services among faith-based ministries and religious organizations alike. VE has a loyal client following of religious organizations - and with good reason! Whether you are interested in reaching out to more people with your ministry or you want to recapture weekly sermons, a fully capable DVD replication and CD manufacturing service company is just what you need. VE Associates works especially well with religious groups and can support every need; with projects ranging from a few dozen DVDs or CDs, to a few million. VE has become known as the go-to DVD replication company among the national religious community

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Major religious institutions such as Saddleback Church, Purpose Driven Ministries, Christian Science Publishing Society, Hosanna and Agape Inernational Spiritual Center just to name a few, all rely on VE's DVD replication, CD Replication, Packaging and fullfilment.
We also provide full service to a number of today's leading Christian music artists including Gwen Smith, David Bailey and Andy Allen just to name a few... one thing they have in common, is that they all rely on VE for their replication needs.
"My name is david bailey.  I've been a full time singer-songwriter for over 11 years and just finished my 17th CD. Yeah.  I know... 17 is a bit much.   But, it's been possible ini no small part because of the folks at VE Associates who have become friends.  Here's the funny thing - I have no idea what VE stands for.  I never thought to ask And 'Associates' at first sounds like a legal firm, but just for fun, I looked up the definition of Associates: 
transitive verb1: to join as a partner, friend, or companion 
Bingo.   I joined VE associates as a client, but stayed with them because they joined me as a partners, friends, and companions.  It's easy to find a company that wants your business.  It's not easy to find friends who really want to help YOU as you do business.   Check them out.   You''ll soon know them all by name and quickly learn why I'll be doing CD number 18 withthem as well :-)"
david m. bailey
Also, be sure to check out our CD and DVD duplication equipment to help you with all of your recording, burning, and printing needs for your ministry!

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