Verbatim CD R | CDR Recordable Media from VE Associates


Verbatim CD R | CDR Recordable Media from VE Associates
Verbatim CD R | CDR Recordable Media

There are many CD R (also called CDR and CD-R) media manufacturers, but we recommend Verbatim recordable CDR discs as a reliable choice. Even though most CD R look the same but there is a wide range of quality. Verbatim is a name recognized for quality, durability, and long archival life. Verbatim discs have continued to improve over the years even as the price has gone down. Verbatim uses Super AZO dyes to assure durability and light fastness over time even at the high rotation speeds of new CDR drives. Verbatim CD R and CD RW discs are trusted by users around the world to keep data safe and accessible in a very affordable way.
Rather than buy a bigger hard drive, the ease of burning a CD R disc allows quick data back up. With higher data densities, Verbatim discs can store over 700MB of data and CD RW discs can be recorded onto again and again. Verbatim discs record at the speeds of newer faster drives and are compatible with the wide variety of players available. Verbatim CD-R discs retain data better over time than cheaper discs and are backed with a limited lifetime warranty
With Verbatim discs, the dyes make the difference. The recording dye on is critical to CD-R performance because its molecular structure is designed to absorb a very narrow range of wavelength of a CD-R laser. If laser power is not exact then pit geometry is affected and read errors can result in some CD-R drives. The Super AZO dyes used on Verbatim CD media offer high sensitivity and reflectivity to eliminate read errors. Super AZO dye is more than twice as thick as other dyes allowing effective recording at high speeds without sacrificing disc life. Verbatim CD R media are also protected with a tough ‘crystal’ layer to protect discs from scratches.   Don’t trust your important data or burned music to a cut rate recordable disc, choose Verbatim CD-R discs for fast, error-free recording. VE Associates also offers a full line of Verbatim DVD-R recordable discs

Verbatim CD R discs also come with a easy options for labeling. Forget about using a sharpie to label your discs. Who wants to find a smeared illegible disc later anyway? LightScribe is the easiest CD R labeling solution around. With LightScribe technology, you can burn labels directly onto your CDs using the same CD-R drive that burns your data. The results are crisp and clear and can be set up to your exact wishes. 

• Verbatim Standard 80 Minute Silver
• Verbatim Standard 74 Minute Silver
• Verbatim Thermal Printable 80 Minute
• Verbatim Thermal Printable 74 Minute
• Verbatim Inkjet Printable 80 Minute

• Verbatim Inkjet Printable 74 Minute
• Verbatim Digital Audio 80 Minute
• Verbatim MediDisc • Digital Vinyl
• Verbatim Mini CD • CD-RW
• Verbatim Lightscribe 80 Minute 52X




Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology. For over 30 years, Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in the data storage industry. Verbatim's leadership role is especially apparent in the evolution of optical media recording with CD/DVD family of products.

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