Video Encoding Services from VE Associates!

Video Encoding

Video Encoding Services from VE Associates, Irvine & Los Angeles, California
Video encoding services from the experts VE Associates will assure that your media is in the right format every time. We guarantee quality compression for all DVD replication and CD replication projects. We have the video encoding expertise to produce the highest quality video compression for everything from CD authoring and DVD authoring to web streaming. We also offer expert CD Mastering and DVD Masterering Services as well. We provide excellent service and quick turnaround to get your encoding done on time and on budget.
VE Associates is a full service digital media facility offering DVD replication, CD duplication and other media services. We use the best professional grade video encoding software to make sure your final files are error free. We also offer free consultation to determine the best compression solution for your needs. Don’t trust your video encoding to a piece to software you downloaded from the Internet. Trust our expert media and video encoding services to get it right… the first time. 
We can accept files to be encoded sent on disc, hard drive or video tape: VHS, 3/4", DVC-Pro, Digital Betacam, DV-Cam, Mini DV, Betacam SP, and others. We also offer a client FTP server to upload your files directly.

We offer many video compression formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, Windows Media Video, Real Media, Motion JPEG, Photo JPEG A or B, and others. We stay on top of technical changes in the field of video encoding but if you don’t see your desired file compression, please call.  If you are in Irvine, Los Angeles and Orange County call to schedule a consultation at offices. The experts at VE Associates are waiting to help you pinpoint the right solution for any of your Video encoding needs!

Our Video Encoding, DVD Authoring and Mastering is all done in-house
to speed up the process.
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