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Video Duplication Formats

Video Duplication Formats
VE Associates has done thousands of video duplication projects over the last 20 years. Our experts have come across just about every video format in the industry. Please review the following list for a sample of the video formats we offer:

D1, D2, D3 and Digital Betacam
Betacam SP
DV-Cam & DVC-Pro
Mini DV
1" Tape
3/4" SP
VHS 1/2", VHS-C & S-VHS
8mm, Hi-8 & Digital-8

We work hard to stay on top of technical changes in the field of video formats and video duplication. If you do not see the format you need, please call us at 877-474-7277. If you are looking to distribute a video tape outside of the United States, please refer to our International Video Standards webpage. If you are in the Irvine area of California (just south of Los Angeles), please schedule an appointment or call us for phone support. The experts at VE Associates are waiting to help you pinpoint the right video format for your needs.

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